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Elizabeth Charnley, 
proprietor of CharnleysOutdoors is
an INWA qualified/registered (& requalified)
Nordic Walking Instructor
and a qualified & experienced trainer 

Mark Charnley is a professional Railwayman
with over 30 years experiencein railway operations. 
An Affiliate of the Institution of Railway Operators (IRO,) he has a keen interest in railway history/heritage/photography and is working with the Heritage sub-group of Freccles, Friends of Eccles Station to create an archive of photographic, bibliographic and oral histories.   
He is an award winning and published railway photographer.  
Click on his flickr site to see some of his pictures.

About this website

If you're wondering about the website/domain name, it's Elizabeth's Amateur Radio call sign that she's had since 1986 but never used.  Her dad, Robert Monk, was a very keen radio amateur (callsign GØHUQ) and was always busy with his voice and Morse Code contacts all over the world after he got his licence in 1987.  Elizabeth only went along to the classes to help him with the maths and was surprised to end up with a licence and call sign as well Bob passed away in 2006 and wireless internet and diddy little smart phones would have fascinated him as ways of using wireless communications and computers when this had previously been something that was the domain of packet radio enthusiasts.  The website name is a tribute to him and all the other 'silent key' radio amateurs who never got to see where wireless communications went in the future and in a small way to Signor Marconi and all his peers who made it all possible.  If you are using wireless internet or a smart phone view this website, then you are using radio waves to receive communications from G1WOB, stationed in the area of Sunny Eccles.