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Thinking of buying Nordic Walking poles or having some as a present?
Call/contact us first!  It's important to have a taster session and be advised on what to buy.  We don't sell poles but have a wealth of experience on what to buy and where to buy from, for all tastes and budgets.  

If you are looking to have them as a present, we can supply all the relevant details direct to the "present giver." (eg) to children for Mother's or Father's day presents or to work colleagues for retirement/leaving presents.

Nordic Walking poles are not the same as trekking poles but we can teach you to use your trekking poles to Nordic Walk.  If you want to purchase some dedicated Nordic Walking poles at a later date we can advise you on what to buy when you decide. 

Your taster session includes an analysis of your walking posture and your gait (how you position your body and limbs when walking.)  Using our experience and judgement we can advise you on the best poles for you and devise the best use of Nordic Walking techniques so you can gain the maximum benefits from your walking workouts.