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Personal Training Sessions
£15 per hour or
£20 for two people together
Short course (min. 3 people)
£20 per person for up to four hours instruction (terms apply)
Call for details/to book 
0161 789 5016 
or 07979 232 817
or use our contact form

We come to YOUR local park......
£20/30 per person gets you up to four hours of instruction sessions, pole hire & advice about pole purchase. (terms apply)
Accompanied children (age 7+) free on our four lesson introductory courses. Children must be booked on in advance 

Personal Training sessions for Nordic Walking
£20-30 per person per hour (price depends on travelling time from our Salford base)

Wot,  no regular walks timetable?       

Nordic Walking in the UK is spreading through word of mouth by people who have seen it being done by others or after reading about it.
Many people have seen it on the continent and seen the ease and relaxed way of walking using poles where they are quite commonplace. 

Pretty much everyone who has found out how good walking with Nordic Walking poles is becomes a 'convert' and their knees, hips etc are thanking them for it.
I would love to commit to a set walk timetable and walk with everyone every week at the same time but in doing so I might deprive others of their chance to learn to Nordic Walk, so I'd rather get individuals Nordic Walking, facilitate the establishment of groups of walkers who come together as like minded individuals or help established groups such as work colleagues, social clubs etc to share the benefits and form their own groups and get out and about..

== In the short course you will learn about the full '10 steps' of Nordic Walking and practice on various kinds of terrain and slopes/steps etc. 

== At the end you should be able to join in any walking group using the poles at your current fitness level and then progress in your own time to achieve what you want to achieve using Nordic Walking to enhance or supplement your normal fitness regime.

== The tuition fee (where appropriate) includes use of Exel or Gabel Nordic walking poles and advice on pole purchase and other relevant matters.

If this is of interest to you, please do get in touch.  Sessions are offered all year round at mutually convenient times.  


Special offer: is there an outdoor gym in a public park near you?  Take the short Nordic Walking instruction course in that park and have a guided personal training session on the outdoor gym equipment included free of charge!  Add a new dimension to your exercise or work on a target area: call 0161789 5016 or use our contact form to book.


Taster sessions are free in Salford.
Call for more information!

Other areas, a small charge applies
to cover costs etc.  

Get a small group together from
your friends at the walking group and
find out what it's all about!
We recommend that you download and complete our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) in advance of your first session.
Download the pdf here 
Any questions about fitness or injuries/operations/illnesses, contact us using our contact form and head your enquiry 'fitness to walk'