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Simply put,  Nordic Walking turns a walk into a workout.
The definition of Nordic Walking as given by INWA, the international Nordic Walking association, is "an enhancement of normal walking using Nordic Walking poles." 
Nordic Walking is an aerobic, efficient and easy way to improve physical condition, irrespective of age, sex or current physical condition.
During Nordic Walking, almost every muscle in the body is used and therefore it can be considered a total body workout.  Click here for an animated model.  The poles spread the load between more muscles than normal walking.
For those who have injuries or age related infirmities (eg) hip, shoulder or knee problems, Nordic Walking is an ideal exercise option.  Elizabeth has found that injuries which previously limited her walking capacity in terms of distance, speed and time plus her overall posture have all improved tremendously since she took up Nordic Walking.  Trained instructors like Elizabeth re-qualify every two years and are taught how to 'modify' the techniques to suit nearly all problems, so don't let a medical condition put you off learning this wonderful sporting/exercise activity: contact Elizabeth for advice.  
There are techniques for level, uphill and downhill Nordic Walking that you can use in your everyday life around the home, at work, out shopping or wherever.  Come along to a taster session to learn more! 
Act like a two-year old or walk like a monkey and ease those knees, hips and ankles!  Lean a little and power up slopes. Walk over lemons.   Get that 'ironing board' back that you've always wanted.   All this and more in a Nordic Walking session.
If you start to use Nordic Walking poles when you first feel the twinges of age and/or infirmity in your walking, you might just find that the twinges disappear or lessen when you spread the walking load with poles and when you are out and about without your poles, the improved muscle tone and better cardio fitness will help. 
"My doctor was surprised at how strong my leg muscles are: it must be the Nordic Walking" (client with knee problems)
"I have never been to the top of Arnside Knott before and without my Nordic Walking Poles I would have never made it, it was great" (client with long term medical condition)
Nordic Walking also benefits the mind as well as the body.  A new concept is Mental Nordic Walking where groups or pairs of walkers get together and work through simple 'brain training' puzzles either on their own or led by the Nordic Walking instructor.   New creative thoughts can flow as it stimulates the creative part of the brain.  Problems can be solved without connecting to memories.  Whilst you are Nordic Walking, because you do not feel you are working out as hard as you actually are, you will find that you can have a conversation with your walking colleague: very sociable and can be very productive to team building, relationship building and networking. 
Nordic Biathlon tests skill and resilience against the clock.  It can help with team building or just for some fun out of the workplace.  In some places this can be combining fast Nordic Walking with laser rifles (or even .22 rifles as the event that instructors took part in near Nesselwang in Germany for the 2009 INWA conference) but mostly combining a game of skill and eye/hand co-ordination with fast Nordic Walking.  We use the latter as it's more portable and practical!  Call or use our contact form to find out more or book a session.
Elizabeth regularly attends instructor events so she can use the best concepts and latest techniques during her instruction sessions.  Call for more information